About Artichoke Kitchens & Interiors

We are a company with strong values. We are committed to excellence in everything we do for our clients, for each other and for Britain’s interior architectural heritage.

From the first conversations we hold with our clients, through creative space planning and drawings, to final installation, we pursue perfection.

Together with our clients we are creating not only wonderfully liveable, architecturally sympathetic interiors, but also rooms that will be admired and enjoyed for generations.

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What makes us different?

Our work for you will be unconstrained by any formula, by any pre-existing templates or by any work we have done for any other clients. Instead, it is designed and made to answer a brief that is perfectly particular to you and your house. Because we think and make in this way, our clients benefit from the full – and remarkable – potential of interior joinery.

We believe we are one of a kind; that we have a uniquely close relationship with our clients; that our work fulfils a singular role in the renovation of period houses, and that it adds lasting value to our clients’ homes.

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Our team

The UK’s best craftsmen and women are drawn to Artichoke’s Cheddar workshop.

Together they are inspired to design and make the exquisitely detailed architectural joinery that transforms beautiful houses into wonderful family homes.

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The way we work

To create Artichoke kitchens and interiors we blend creative imaginative design with a deep understanding of period architecture and styles.

We really get to know our clients and our relationships last for years. It is because we know them intimately that we are able to meet our ambition: for our clients to live the life they dream of in the interior of their dreams.

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Our story

Our business is thirty years old. From simple beginnings on a borrowed workshop bench we have evolved and grown to become leaders in our field.

Not everything has changed though. We are still excited by our work with wood and fascinated by its power to shape homes.

Read more of our story and watch an interview with Bruce.

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The Artichoke School of Furniture

Learn about our commitment to nurturing local talent at the Artichoke School of Furniture, a free initiative we run for local school aged children.

Now in its second year, we take on eight pupils a year and teach them the basics in hand tools with saws, planes, chisels, mallets and squares.

The goal is to teach our students new things and while doing so whet their appetite towards considering craft as a career.  We then can assist our students in how to undertake their next steps on their training path.

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Artichoke in the Press

Our commitment to creating Britain’s future heritage has led us through the doors of some of England’s most intriguing homes. It has also led us into the press!

By combining sensitive joinery design with space planning expertise and a keen observation of household life, we are celebrated for the unique contribution we bring to restoration projects and newly built homes. Here we share a curated collection of articles that explore our mission and purpose as well as articles that detail our projects.

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