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With such focus being directed towards designing beautifully detailed kitchens and fitted furniture, we have always felt it vital to maintain full control over all aspects of each project, and this includes its manufacture.  Great design made poorly is a waste.

Artichoke’s new purpose built 14,000 square foot joinery workshops were opened in 2015 following three years of detailed planning and architectural design. We designed them ourselves specifically to manufacture domestic kitchens and furniture to an incredibly high quality level.

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By investing our resources in a cabinet-making workshop of this standard (as opposed to the rental of expensive central London showrooms or kitchen salesmen on commission), we are able to produce work of unmatched quality for our clients at the best possible value.

We are fiercely proud of our workshops, which include:

  • An insulation, heating and humidity system designed specifically to mimic a domestic environment.  This allows the hardwoods we use to stabilise during storage and making, meaning minimum movement when it arrives on site as a kitchen or library.
  • An industrial grade high quality lighting system that automatically reacts with the ambient light outside, ensuring an even and constant light within the workshop throughout the day. This helps finishing teams and cabinet makers really view their work closely and it ensures that even the slightest embellishments don’t go un-noticed.
  • A 2.5 metre Sjobergs Elite cabinet-maker bench for each cabinet-maker.  These are designed and built by the best Swedish bench-making craftsmen and are considered the highest quality cabinet-maker workbenches in the World.
  • Industrial grade downdraft sanding benches which ensure minimal dust build up during sanding.  This facilitates a perfectly even and smooth surface on which to apply finishes such as lacquers, French polishes and paints.
  • Clean-room grade finishing booths which ensure a dust free environment when applying lacquers and polishes to finished furniture. These rooms are also environmentally controlled to ensure the best possible environment for applying and curing fine finishes.

We encourage our clients to visit us as it is really the best way for them to understand what we’re able to achieve for them.

Factory (84 of 91)State of the art clean-air finishing booths ensure finishes are of the highest quality.

Factory (90 of 91)Machines are kept serviced regularly to ensure constant precision.

Factory (2 of 91)Great care is taken when choosing hardwood timber for each project.

Factory (45 of 91)Rip-sawing timber at the beginning of a large kitchen project.

Factory (25 of 91)Stitching veneers for a library project.

Factory (50 of 91)John, our Production Manager, checking the fit for a rail on a mahogany door.

Factory (46 of 91)Sanding well presents a perfect surface on which to apply stunning finishes.

Factory (32 of 91)Great care is taken over finishing touches such as this Nanz bespoke ironmongery for a walnut library.

Factory (29 of 91)Preparing a crisp bed for butt hinges.

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Designers and Makers of Bespoke Luxury Kitchens and Interiors.          

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