A Meticulous, Professional Architectural Project Manager

Attention to Detail and Depth of Experience

We are a fastidious and highly professional renovation project manager. On any given project our work comes into contact with a great range of other design and build disciplines – from electrician and stone mason to interior decorator and plumber.

We understand that the successful architectural project manager understands and manages the inter-relationship of every one of these disciplines from initial survey, to final installation.

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Accurate measurement is essential to good architectural project management.

We have twenty years’ experience of designing, making and installing fitted joinery into a wide variety of architecture, from new builds to medieval buildings.

We deploy surveying methods that suit the architecture of our clients’ houses, and ensure our final installations fit perfectly.


Project Communication

An effective renovation project manager knows that good outcomes depend on good communication.

Our drawings are accurate and we communicate clearly in person, on paper and via email.

We institute regular site meetings and build happy, productive relationships with the clients we work for, and the companies we work alongside.

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Installation Management and Quality Control

Our aim in all of our work is to create Britain’s future heritage by designing and making rooms for our clients that stay beautiful and useful for generations.

So as renovation project managers we devote particular skill and attention to every aspect of project flow, and all information relating to different on site activities. We know that our work lives or dies on the quality of its installation, so we are relentless perfectionists.

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