Artichoke Announces Annual Designer Makers Conference

Artichoke has announced it is running an annual conference aimed at supporting new designers and cabinet makers with the business side of their new ventures.

The Artichoke New Designers and Makers Conference 2022 will be held near our design studios and workshops in Somerset, on Friday 25th February 2022.  The conference will be free to attend and is aimed at furniture students undertaking their final year of studies and new makers who have recently started a business.

The conference will feature talks covering topics such as how to charge correctly for your time, where to find clients and how to create a brand which customers can believe in.  There will also be talks by new and successful makers who will share the secrets of their success.

“Our company vision is that in 100 years, British design and craftsmanship is still thriving”’ said Bruce Hodgson, Artichoke’s founder. “To achieve this, we must ensure there is new blood joining the industry and that they are successful in their endeavours.  In 2019 we established the Artichoke School of Furniture, a series of free annual courses for local teenagers to give them a taste of craftsmanship and a flavour for workshop life.  We are now focusing on supporting those about to embark on their careers.  Along the way we have made lots of excellent decisions, but we have also made mistakes; mistakes that we would now like to help those starting out in the industry learn from”. 

Final year students and new makers can register for a place at 


About Artichoke
Artichoke was founded in 1992. From simple beginnings on a borrowed workshop bench, it is now a team of 50 with private clients all over the world. The company’s focus is to create architectural joinery led rooms which will form part of a building’s architectural heritage for centuries. 


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