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We’re now in the third week of Artichoke’s School of Furniture.  The free course is an initiative launched by Artichoke with help from the Kings of Wessex Academy. Our aim is to introduce local teenagers to our craft and to teach them some basic fundamentals of working with hand tools.  We are enormously grateful to Axminster Tools for their support in providing these for student use.

Artichoke cabinet makers teaching
Artichoke cabinet makers Wilma and Inigo oversee the first intake of the Artichoke School of Furniture

For us at Artichoke, the journey is proving to be fascinating and it has been a pleasure to watch the students learn. No doubt, we’re also learning from the process ourselves.  This first year of the course is acting as a pilot, and as it progresses we will naturally develop and improve the course content and it’s structure in response to what worked, and what didn’t.

Training kitchen cabinet makers at Artichoke
Artichoke’s cabinet maker and course tutor Wilma helps a student.

We’d like to pass what we’re learning onto other makers, and perhaps inspire them to start their own free course too.  If you’re a cabinet maker and you want to find out more about how Artichoke’s course was modelled, do get in contact with We’d be happy to share what we’ve learned with you.

Artichoke cabinet makers teaching
Removing waste with a chisel is a fundamental skill all cabinet makers learn.

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