Gun Room Design for a 21st Century Country House

Gun room design for a 21st Century Country house, whether for a newly built house or a period house fitted out for modern living, we are experts. With a strong focus on designing luxury bespoke interiors for private country houses,  Artichoke are specialists in bespoke gun rooms.

We have an exceptional understanding of the diverse and very specific specialisms required for designing custom-made gun rooms and bespoke gun cabinets: location, security, size, humidity, materials, interior design, storage and gun expertise.

The sporting heart of a house

The essential role of a gun room is as a safe, secure and legal room to store guns and ammunition.

But they play other roles too.  A fine gun room can add greatly to the delightful rituals at both ends of a day’s sport.  And often the gun room is the first room of your house a visiting shot will experience as they unload the night before a shoot.  They are a place to anticipate a day in the field, and to reflect on it.

Bespoke gun cabinets allow for the safe storage and display of your own guns, and your guests’. Surfaces should be large and robust enough for the putting together, breaking down and cleaning of guns. Storage should encourage the orderly arrangement of cartridges.

Most of Artichoke’s management team were brought up in the country. They understand country sports and know the role of a good gun room.

Bespoke beauty and practicality

Every bespoke gunroom designed by Artichoke is individual according to the client brief. We offer a full creative space-planning service for gun room design that takes account of all design considerations including:

  • Comprehensive furniture and storage design options such as custom-made display cabinetry, drying racks, storage drawers, free standing tables, desks and seating
  • Robust security

We maintain close ties with our local Police firearms officer and keep up to date with changes in legislation regarding the safe and secure storage of shotguns and rifles to ensure our gun room design is compliant.

Case Study: Gun and Sporting Room, Shaftesbury, Dorset


European Oak and leather were the two main materials used to create this bespoke gun and sporting room. Some of the delicate detail, which made this room so special, included angled storage for each gun, and padded hide to protect the stocks. In addition, we put a slight slope around the edge on the central island, thus preventing cartridges and gun equipment from falling to the floor.

At Artichoke, we are passionate about creating outstanding, luxury spaces for your home. Once the tailored design process for your gun room is complete, our skilled cabinet makers will bring your bespoke designs to life in our Somerset workshops. Explore more of our work in English country houses here.


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