Artichoke Regatta 2021

The inaugural Artichoke Regatta was held last week.  Making the most of the local Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club, we squeezed into wetsuits and threw ourselves headlong into the unchartered waters of Cheddar Reservoir.

During the afternoon, we displayed quite brilliantly that we are not just great at making history, but also great at making fools out of ourselves.

Ben (Projects Director), Tim (MD), Emma (Project Co-ordinator) and Cat (Project Manager) made a strong start in the Single Giant Stand Up Paddleboard Challenge, where remaining standing became the true challenge.


James (Operations Director), doing a sterling job bulldozing his way through the final of the Single Stand Up Paddleboard final.


Production Manager Arthur remains well balanced on the giant stand up paddleboard, supported by Jason and Craig (Cabinet Makers)


Chief race organiser Nige (right) did an excellent job of keeping proceedings in order on the water.


Kelvin (Designer) receiving his trophy for foul play on the water from the Regatta chairman, Andrew.


No expenses were spared in the creation of the silverware. Kelvin shows off his award for Foul Play.  It is now locked away safely.


Despite his winning the foul play award, Kelvin failed to beat Tess at table tennis.


New recruit and Cabinet Maker, Jack (in black), the winner of the single kayak sprint.  There was little actual ‘sprinting’ to be fair, but Jack managed to sprint less badly than everyone else, making him a worthy champion.


Ava (Polisher), Rosie, Wilma and Cameron (Cabinet Makers) bask in the sun and the glory of brilliance on the water.


Cobbs of Cheddar produced a wonderful dinner for us all.


Evening sun.

We would like to thank Aaron Geis for sending us these images and letting us use them in this blog, and also for his hospitality as one of the members of the Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club.

I am sure we’ll be back next year!



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