Kitchen Appliances for Luxury Bespoke Kitchens

Much of Artichoke’s work involves designing luxury bespoke kitchens for private homes. Our projects demand not just the highest quality furniture, but also the best quality appliances to go in them.

We’ve worked with most of the major appliance manufacturers over the past 25 years, and we know what cuts the mustard in terms of performance and quality.  Here are our thoughts on the top major brands delivering at the high quality end of the market we operate in.



Sub Zero has established itself as the fridge and freezer brand of choice in the UK for bespoke kitchens in private residences demanding high quality without compromise.  Since we started working with them we’ve had very few problems at all from clients where we’ve specified their kit (the only problem we did have was sorted pretty rapidly).

Sub Zero has a deserved reputation for the robust workmanship of their products which are used in many domestic environments as well as the professional kitchens of chefs such as Michel Roux, Aldo Zilli and Shaun Rankin.

One of the main points of interest is the unique ‘Air Purification’ system built into their refrigerator line which removes harmful gases and odours; a process that was developed initially for NASA to aid food preservation. Additionally, the Dual Compressor system, standard on all Sub-Zero fridge/freezers, is a completely unique feature to Sub-Zero.



Wolf, which is owned by Sub Zero, offer a wide range of built-in kitchen ovens, hobs, cook tops gas and dual fuel ranges.  A great deal of focus has been placed on precision control of heat to help users deliver professional results.

Again, their equipment is extremely well built and we’ve had few problems.  It is worth remembering that some of their larger require 3 phase electricity to run and also some seriously powerful extraction which we can help you with.

One of their main features is a patented dual stacked burner which offers extremely precise temperature control and precision, making them perfect for melting butter or chocolate on a low heat or high temperature cooking.


La Cornue

La Cornue were first launched in 1908 in France by a chef with a passion for new technology.  They are still made in France, and each oven is hand-made to order using only cast iron, steel, solid brass, nickel and enamel.

Secret to La Cornue’s success is their vaulted ovens which improve circulation and even cooking temperature throughout the oven.  Each oven is assembled by hand and only a few hundred are made each year which are delivered to private homes and professional kitchens all over the world.  They have a unique look and we’ve used them successfully in both contemporary and traditional bespoke luxury kitchens.

Artichoke has installed numerous La Cornue ovens, mainly their Chateaux series; it is well worth visiting their show-room.



Gaggenau appliances have been produced in Germany, with all of the engineering precision you’d expect from a German engineering firm, for 300 years, and their experience shows.  They now offer a huge range of cooking and chilling appliances aswell as appliances for washing and ventilation.

Artichoke has been specifying them for a considerable length of time and their performance has always impressed our clients.  Their designs work particularly well in contemporary kitchen design.


Electrolux Grand Cuisine

Electrolux Grand Cuisine are relative new-comers to the domestic luxury bespoke kitchen scene. The backbone behind the new arm of the well established Electrolux brand is the domestication of their existing professional ranges and putting the tools of the professional restaurant within reach of the home chef.

We’ve attended a couple of demonstrations of their new range, which includes combination oven, blast chiller, vacuum sealer and induction and gas hobs.  The kit was demonstrated by a professional chef and performed brilliantly and looks superb.


Officine Gullo

With strong roots from Florence, Officine Gullo is a relatively young company compared to the strong heritage roots that it can claim.   Founded in the 1990s, the companies founder based his first oven in a large range oven made in the 1800’s.  The look is renaissance and probably quite polarising, but works well in the traditional and period settings where Artichoke spends much of its time.

These are appliances built for professional chefs and dedicated domestic ones, and they are as robust as you’ll find anywhere.  Also come with a great range of accessories.


If you have questions about appliances, contact Bruce or Andrew on +44 (0)1934 745270 and we’d be happy to give you our thoughts.

La Cornue Range Cookers

At Artichoke, we do not have any commercial affiliations with appliance brands such as La Cornue. We design bespoke kitchens for our clients to a very specific brief, and only during the design process will we consider which are the best tools to help us meet that brief.

Our clients place enormous trust in us, and it’s a responsibility we take extremely seriously. Quality of appliances are always at the forefront of our minds when making our suggestions, not just the quality of the build, but in their aesthetic and function.

Over the last few years we have seen a growing interest in La Cornue, a French oven company started by an engineer and now run by the founders grandson.  So what is it about La Cornue that seems to be capturing the imagination among buyers of luxury kitchens?


The Look of La Cornue

Each La Cornue is specific to each customer.  They are only produced to order and each one is hand-made.  This means the Artichoke design team are able to design the cookers to suit the client’s own specific ways of cooking.  It also means we can specify the correct materials to suit the bespoke kitchen’s aesthetic.




Artichoke designed the La Cornue for the above bespoke kitchen to suit the rest of the detailing in the room.   The range was specified in stainless steel with chrome detailing to complement the stainless steel worktops and the burnished nickel kitchen cabinet ironmongery.

The La Cornue below is the same model as the one above, but with a completely different look.  Artichoke designers designed this luxury bespoke cook’s kitchen to evoke the Edwardian back of house kitchen, and the La Cornue range was specified in copper to match the client’s copper pans.




The Ovens

Apart from their striking looks, the key feature of the La Cornue is the shape of it’s oven, which has a barel shaped top that creates a natural convection. This, combined with the cast aluminium on the inside of the door maintains the perfect balance of heat and humidity.

What this means on a day to day basis is that it takes approximately 2 hours to roast a 20lb turkey and there is no need to turn or baste it while it is cooking.

Depending on the type of cooking you enjoy, you may wish to specify one electric and one gas oven.  The gas oven is typically a strong, lively heat suitable for roasting meats, poultry and baking bread while the electric oven is a more versatile oven most suitable for baking (pastries) & grilling.


The French Plaque

At the heart of the top of each La Cornue is the French plaque, sometimes referred to as the Flat Top. The function of the French plaque is to simmer and hold food such as sauces, crèmes, bernaises, chocolates, butter, etc. The plaque is cast iron with a large burner underneath it. The heat is strongest in the center and diffuses and softens out towards the sides, allowing the cook to move their pan wherever they like to get the perfect temperature.  The French call this their piano; they move their pots around the plaque like instruments, never altering the heat.




The La Cornue Kitchen Island

Where space and budget allows, it is sometimes worth considering a central La Cornue island. This is something we’ve done on a few occasions for clients and they offer numerous advantages.

Firstly, all the ovens and cooking are kept within a single central location, freeing up the rest of the kitchen for scullery and food preparation activities.  Secondly, they can look incredibly striking!




If you are considering a La Cornue for your bespoke kitchen, please feel free to call us (01934 745270). We’d be happy to give you our honest opinion!

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