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We’ve been designing luxury bespoke kitchens, interiors and furniture with private clients, architects and interior designers for 25 years. In most cases, our furniture design and bespoke kitchen commissions are with private clients undertaking a major new-build or renovation project, an activity many of them only ever undertake once in their lives. Understandably, most private clients are pretty inexperienced in the complexities of decision making required of them during the major phases of a large project, and quite often, the most important decision of all is the one made with the least formal analysis and training; choosing the right team to design the project in the first place.

Seeking an architect to deliver any building is a vital decision, and understandably, many seek recommendations from friends and people within their community who’ve undertaken projects of a similar nature to theirs. This is the obvious (and until recently the best) path to take. It was the route Sandy Mitchell, founder of RedBook, took when undertaking the complete renovation of his beautiful 13th Century manor house in Berkshire. The experience was enough to make Sandy realise that choosing a team to deliver a project based on hearsay and other people’s experiences can be un-wise. It was also enough to prompt Sandy to create RedBook, a tailored matchmaking service that puts knowledge, experience, analysis and method behind the decision making process of choosing the ideal architect, interior or landscape designer.


Sandy Mitchell from RedBook Agency
RedBook’s creative director, Emily Rance with founder Sandy Mitchell

RedBook Agency represents some of Britain’s leading traditional and contemporary architectural, landscape design and interior design practices, carefully selected and monitored for them by an advisory panel made up of Sir Roy Strong (historical and landscape designer), Clive Aslet (editor-at-large at Country Life), Dominic Bradbury (architecture critic), Jeremy Musson (broadcaster, author and architecture critic, Stephen Anderton (Times garden critic) and Sandy himself, ex deputy editor of Country Life and ex features editor on The Sunday Telegraph. With all due respect to your current group of friends, these guys are really the type of people you should be seeking advice from when deciding on who’ll create the building you’ll most likely spend the rest of your life in.

Sandy is careful to point out that the architects and interior designers handpicked by his panel are the best, but not necessarily the most famous or expensive. They include both highly experienced practioners and brilliant young stars of tomorrow. They also vary greatly in size, so it’s irrelevant whether you’re renovating a listed barn or building a twelve bedroom Palladian mansion.


Above: A conceptual design produced by one of RedBook Agency ‘s architects for a RedBook client.


Contacting Sandy and his team could be both a wise and financially astute move. Not only will the tailored matchmaking service give you a formal structure around which to make your decision, it will also give you confidence that you have made your decision based on sound reasoning as opposed to conjecture. It will also save you time and almost certainly will help you maximise the financial and aesthetic value of your project. And what’s not to like about that.


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