New England Inspired Kitchen
19th Century House | London

The exterior of this London home resembles an 18th century Amsterdam merchant’s house. The interior is of the Arts and Crafts movement.

The room needed to honour the heritage of the house, and offer a pocket of peace in the midst of frantic city life.

Space Planning & Architectural Challenges

The interior architecture of this house is exceptional and so we designed the kitchen to interfere with this as little as possible. We focused on accentuating the rooms features, with tall, deep windows and a high, beamed ceiling.


In addition to Artichoke’s design, the accompanying kitchen furniture draws inspiration from traditional American, East Coast styles, which are empathetic to the owners taste.


Technical and Functional Considerations

In keeping with the influence at large in this house, a Dutch styled court cupboard was designed to flank one wall, containing an integrated cook’s fridge.

The background furniture and main work surface are plain and functional, doing nothing to interfere with the shape and mood of the room.

Design Features

The antiqued zinc hood accentuates the ceiling height without impeding with the original beamed ceiling.

The pantry is located in a separate room at the back of the kitchen and features a pair of large Sub Zero fridges for food and wine storage.  These are easily accessible from both the kitchen and the garden.

You can read more about this project in Architectural Digest Magazine.

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