Bespoke fitted furniture and traditional joinery for every room

Realising the full potential of fine houses

Architectural joinery is the defining element of most rooms in most period houses. Features like architraves, pediments, door and window frames, as well as fitted furniture, denote the purpose and status of rooms and fulfil practical purposes too.

In the modern household, from wine cellar to bedroom, bespoke fitted furniture and traditional joinery has a unique ability to make wonderfully liveable, elegant rooms that enhance the life of a family, whilst adding to the architectural value of a house.

image of blue kitchen dresser traditional joinery
kitchen joinery bespoke fitted furniture


Handmade kitchens

Artichoke kitchens are world-renowned. Each is imagined, designed and made for individual clients and for their houses.

An Artichoke kitchen is exquisitely detailed, profoundly practical and made to last for generations.

Our kitchens are born from our close understanding of the life of a household, its practical and esoteric needs and the life it dreams of living. Delve deeper into the Artichoke kitchen.

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Rooms for living in

For centuries, good English houses were divided on an “upstairs / downstairs” basis. Servants worked downstairs in the kitchen, scullery and laundry; the family occupied the ground and upper floors. Architectural joinery and fitted furniture became more ornate and finer as one progressed up a house. Our work in libraries, drawing rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms reflects this ascending order, whilst allowing for the social and technological reality of 21st Century life.

traditional joinery architectural features

traditional bespoke fitted furniture for boot room
boot room bespoke fitted furniture


Rooms for getting things done in

Cooks, cleaners and gardeners or “a couple” are still a feature for the fortunate. But a small army of “downstairs” servants is a thing of the past. Not so the functional rooms that this small army operated in. We design and make sculleries, boot rooms, wine cellars, gun rooms, laundries and butler’s pantries, deploying traditional joinery and bespoke fitted furniture to create brilliantly practical, architecturally accurate rooms in which getting things done is a pleasure.

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