Boot room design

A link to the outside

A good boot room is a valve between the outside world of muck, mud and rain and the interior of a house.

It should be a practical, functional room that everyone in the family uses. Dog included.

Image of bespoke boot room mudroom design with peninsula by artichoke

How to design a bespoke boot room

To make the perfect boot room design, we first learn all about the family that will use it. By getting to know our clients personally we can consider every aspect of their day-to-day life. Are there children, dogs and cats – and how do they behave? Does the family shoot, fish or hunt? Is anyone for tennis, or croquet? What sort of hats and coats do they own? Is there a separate gun room or will guns be stored here? What other aspects of daily family life can be made neater and more efficient by a well-thought-out boot room?

bespoke boot room in English country house
bespoke boot room furniture

Boot room design considerations

Mud and its management require careful thought, especially in a room likely to see heavy use. A hard-wearing material for the floor is essential. An obvious choice in a country house would be stone or tile.

In many country houses boot rooms act as the main back entrance to the house. If this is the case it is worth considering an additional smaller entrance lobby to trap the cold and wind as family members or guests enter and leave the house.

An externally mounted tap can be useful, allowing muddy boots or dogs to be washed down before they get inside. If a sink is required, we like to make sure it’s made appropriately for what it will be used. For example, if it will be used for washing muddy boots or pets it must be large and made of a robust material. Alternatively, if its only used for lighter activities such as flower arranging, we must consider the height of the tap to ensure that all tall vases can be filled.

Image of boot room in country house by artichoke
Image of english country boot room design

Artichoke and the boot room

Artichoke’s design team obsesses over boot rooms. In fact, the entire domestic back end of country houses fascinates us.

While boot rooms (or mud rooms) are hardly glamorous, they present a variety of interesting design challenges and, done well, add greatly to the “liveability” of country houses.

We take a personal approach to every project, considering the individual requirements of every client. We design boot room furniture and fittings to suit the period joinery and architecture of the home.

Furthermore, our high-quality materials and traditional techniques ensure that our furniture will last a lifetime and beyond.

bespoke boot room seating

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