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The Artichoke Kitchen

We are specialists in a beautiful, bespoke kitchen design. We call on more than 30 years of experience to deliver kitchen design services to a selected group of clients in stunning period houses and listed buildings in England and across the world.

Every project we take on is entirely unique and uses only the finest quality materials to create kitchens and homes that are liveable, distinctive and rich in character.

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No brochure. No showroom. No compromise.

We are one of a kind. Our work fulfils a singular role in the renovation of period houses, and adds lasting value to our clients’ homes.

Our kitchen design is unlike any of the other joiners and kitchen firms. We have no showroom or brochure because Artichoke joinery is truly bespoke: imagined, designed and made specifically for you, your household and your house.



We design and make all the kitchens in the best-equipped and best-managed workshop in Cheddar,  England. You can read more about our production skills.

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Our work is never constrained by any formula, by any pre-existing templates or by any work we have done for any other clients. Instead, it is designed and made to answer a brief that is perfectly particular to you and your house. Because we think and make in this way, our clients benefit from the full – and remarkable – potential of interior joinery. Find out why our joinery is different?

Our Approach to Bespoke Kitchen Design


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Delivering truly bespoke kitchen design services gives Artichoke’s design team tremendous freedom to design in any style and to use any material and finish. We are not limited by set formats and ranges and this freedom allows us to take a unique approach to designing kitchens.

It allows us to carefully consider the architecture and to design in a way that compliments it so that our traditionally made kitchens fit perfectly in the houses they service.


To design kitchens of the future, it helps to understand kitchen design of the past.  By doing so, we believe we can help clients with large country houses understand how their houses were initially intended to be used, and in doing so, how we can improve how they are used in the future

Would you like to find out more about our design process?

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The Period Kitchen Design & the Modern Household

The kitchen has changed more through the years than any other room in a period home. Where a drawing room or a library fulfil the same purpose today as they did two centuries ago, the kitchen’s role is almost entirely different.

It was in the Georgian era that the kitchen moved upstairs from the basement. Usually tucked away in the dark at the back of the house and long after its arrival on the ground floor, it remained a strictly functional room, essentially a staff quarter, occasionally bestowed with a visit by the lady of the house.

You can read more about Georgian kitchen design.

Because period houses weren’t planned with modern life in mind, our kitchen design services begin with careful and creative thinking about how best to re-organise the internal architecture of a house.

By being close to our clients we learn the lives they dream of living, and design kitchens to make those dreams a reality. Our bespoke kitchen design establishes exquisite, richly detailed and architecturally sympathetic kitchens at the heart of busy households.

Find out how we fill an expertise gap.



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Kitchens & Fitted Furniture

Our experienced design team has been working with private clients, their interior designers and architects for over 30 years.  We have developed a huge database of authentic period detail and English country house design, from the Elizabethan to Edwardian periods and beyond so the fitted furniture we make sits comfortably and elegantly into their surroundings, combining 21st Century practicality with period accuracy and charm.

Learn more about our design process.


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Services From Space Planning to The Finest Detail


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Typically clients discover Artichoke in their search for an elegant, beautifully made kitchen and, having found us, decide to use us in other areas of their home.

In any room – or through an entire house – our creative process shapes beautiful period houses into wonderful homes. You can learn more about the full scale of our services.

We would love to hear all about your new project so if you are looking for a truly bespoke kitchen design services contact us via email with any questions or call us on 01934 745270.

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