Scullery kitchens in a new era

Scullery designs for the modern home

The scullery, walk-in pantry or butler’s pantry are familiar and important features of the English country house.

In the past these rooms were the preserve of servants, while modern day interior design deploys them as everyday spaces used by the family and its staff.

At Artichoke we know how to make these rooms an integral part of family life and how to give scullery designs a robust, functional beauty.

kitchen scullery design interior

A practical space to support a busy home

The inclusion of a scullery in a period house renovation brings great benefits – not least of these is the removal of messy day-to-day tasks from the kitchen itself.

This frees the kitchen up to be a more elegant living space at the heart of a household.

More homeowners are understanding the value of a scullery kitchen as a functional extension to their kitchen.

scullery kitchen shelving
kitchen scullery design cold store

Sculleries today

“Scullery” is an Edwardian term with an archaic ring to it. Nonetheless, a well-designed scullery has real practical use in the modern-day household.

It provides the perfect support space – especially valuable if the dining area is part of the main kitchen.

Families may use their scullery while entertaining guests or during large family meals as a place to prepare food and hide crockery before washing up.

yellow scullery kitchen
yellow kitchen scullery design


Artichoke and the scullery

Every scullery we design is perfectly suited to its house.

Our vast knowledge of period detail allows us to design in a way that is both sensitive to the architectural integrity of a period home, aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly functional for a 21st century family.

Because we take the time to understand how you live – or want to live – in your home.

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